The ECPU is a modulized-processing unit of the industrial controller. The upper pare mounted on the base
board is a standard half-sized all-in-one CPU Card, which can range from 386 to Pentium.
With display interface, disk interface, serial and parallel I/O integrated, this modulized unit is an independent
and integral IPC. It allows an application to be quickley developed by using DOS Commands, Windows and
other software development tools.
Available for PC'S
Embedded Easy Bus architecture using industrial ARCNET protocol standard offers high performance
communication capability to link up to 32 stations. A watchdog timer is also provided. This unit is an ideal
cost/performance solution for industrial applications. Moreover, it is the most flexible and reliable solution
for PC-Based CNC controller
* 80486 DX/DX2/DX4 processor
* VGA¡®LCD interface, 1MB on-board display memory
* 16C550 UARTS, RS-232, RS-485 interface
* Enhanced parallel port, supports SPP/EPP/ECP
* Local bus enhanced IDE, supports LBA mode
* single +5Vpower supply
* Watchdog interface
* CPU¡G Intel 80486 DX/DX2/DX4 series
¡@¡@¡@¡@ AMD 80486 DX2/DX4 series
¡@¡@¡@¡@ Cyrix 80486 DX2/DX4 series
¡@¡@¡@¡@ 5X86 series
* Cache memory¡G 128K up to 512k
* DRAM¡G 1MB TO 64MB, two 72-pin SIMM sockets
* DMA channel¡G7
* Interrupt level¡G5
* Parallel port¡GOne enhanced parallel port, supports SPP/EPP/ECP mode
* Serial ports¡GTwo 16C550 UARTS compatible RS-232C
* Easy bus¡GTwo Easy bus ports to commuicate with another system
* VGA functions¡GOne for VGA monitor, one for LCD display
* Power Supply¡GDC ¡Ï5V/¡Ï12V 2A
* Operating temperature¡G0¢JXto 60¢J¡]32¢Xto 140¢K¡^
* Humidity¡GG20¢Mto 92¢MRH
* Board size¡G216mm¡Ñ152mm
* CE compliant