EMP2-3B applied in the MPCL 1000B ASIC developed by this institute, send the movement of each axis
Evenly by DDA(Digital Differential Analyzer)method, realized simultaneous motion control of 2 axes
and allows parallel connection of multiple boards operation. The closed loop control adopted P-control law
(the position command can be feed forwarded for compensation), drive the velocity type servo driver by
signal of-10V to 10V, there is an additional encoder feedback function for break wire detection, reduce the
hazard of system invalid. During pulse control, send the driver with CW/CCW pulse.
There are 2 index inputs with latch and interruption function, and 2 general inputs with interruption function.
* 2 axes position control
* 2 axes encoder input
* Use for velocity type or position type servo driver
* Position command with feed forward compensation
* Encoder signal break wire detection
* 2 general inputs
* ISA interface with DIN or EDGE format
* Size:152mm×216mm(ERK Rack)
* System Clock:7.159MHz
* Bus Interface:◎ISA ◎Interrupt Occupation:2
* Motion:
  Position Axes:2
  DDA Cycle:1msec~2sec
  Max. DDA Command:
  Velocity Command Range:+-10V
  Pulse Output Format:CW/CCW
  Error Counter:+-12bits
* Encoder:
  2 Axes
  Interface:Line Receiver
  Input Format:A/B/Z Phase
  Position Counter:24bits
  Index Latch/Index Interrupt
  Break Wire Detection
  Max. feedback 250k Hz, isolated
* D/A Converter:2 Channels, 12bits
* 2 General Inputs with Interrupt Function
Software Support
* Device Driver for DOS/NT4.0
* MCCL(運動控鄅程式庫)for DOS/NT4.0
* ICD4(泛用型控制器)for DOS/NT4.0