* Store-and-forward switching improves overall network performance by eliminating network hindrances
@such as runts, abbess, and CRC errors.
* 10/100Mbps auto-sensing and negotiation allows flexibility between network devices.
* Wire-speed forwarding: 148,800pps/100Mbps and 14,880pps/10Mbps.
* High-performance memory bandwidth and expansion bus.
* Supports the Spanning Tree Protocol,eliminating network loops.
* Supports broadcast storm control function
* Supports port trunking and load sharing for high-performance servers and inter-switch links.
* Provides a convenient up-link port for cascading Hubs.
* Auto-partitioning and data collision control.
* Auto-polarity detection.
* Preamble regeneration and incoming frame retiming.
* Low power consumption.
* Diagnostic LED's for power, link/activity, collision, and full duplex.
* Comply with IEEE802.3 10Base-Tand IEEE802.3u100 Base-TX standards.

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